5 Questions To Ask A Prospective Child Custody Attorney

If you are concerned about custody or conservatorship during your divorce, finding the right child custody attorney is of vital importance, because you will have to reveal sensitive and personal information to them and trust them to have your child’s best interest as their focus. Browsing random websites may not give you enough information to hire the right child custody attorney for your case, so the best option is to ask key questions to any family law attorney you are considering hiring. Any attorney who won’t sit and answer all of your questions should be avoided. Use the following list to get started, and then include your own questions.


  1. How long have you been handling cases involving conservatorship of minors? An experienced child custody attorney is better than an inexperienced one. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a win/loss record in child custody cases, because the emphasis is always on the best interest of the child rather than one parent versus the other.


  1. How many cases like mine have you handled? Asking this will let the attorney explain how they are qualified to address your specific needs. They may not offer concrete numbers, but they should be able to demonstrate an understanding of your unique situation.


  1. Can you explain the process to me? The child custody attorney you hire should help you understand every step of the proceedings, including anything you have to sign.


  1. What are your fees? Any attorney you consider should be upfront about what you can expect to pay. If they aren’t forthcoming, move on.


  1. Do you have a strategy in mind? In an initial conversation, a child custody attorney may not have enough information to formulate a strategy. This question should prompt them to inquire about your situation and help you gauge your comfort level with them. Avoid anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.


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