5 Signs You Haven’t Chosen the Best Family Law Attorney

Choosing a family law attorney can feel like navigating a minefield. Lawyers are expensive, and you may wonder how you’re going to afford one. Whether you’re negotiating a prenuptial agreement, an annulment, a divorce, or conservatorship of minor children, it’s imperative that you have a family law attorney you feel comfortable working with. If you don’t feel good about working with a particular attorney, that probably means he or she is not the right one for you. Here are five signs that you may not have chosen the right family law attorney for your case:

  1. Unreliable. Your family law attorney should always conduct him or herself in a professional manner. That means being on time, being prepared, and being proactive about getting you the results you want.
  2. Impatient. Some attorneys take on more clients than they can reasonably handle. If you feel like you’re being rushed through important decisions, or that you aren’t getting good answers to important questions, look elsewhere. Every decision you make regarding your case should be an informed one.
  3. Judgmental. A good family law attorney will not judge you for choices that you’ve made. Even if you feel guilty about things that have happened in the past, your lawyer’s job is to help you move forward in the best way possible. If your attorney isn’t doing that, it may be in your best interest to find one who is completely on your side.
  4. Inexperienced. Even a passionate lawyer may not meet your needs if he or she does not have experience with cases like yours. It’s okay to ask an attorney about his or her education, experience, and cases that the attorney has handled in the past that are like yours.
  5. Evasive. Be wary of a family law attorney who is not upfront about fees or forthright about the realities of your case.

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