5 Tips for Parents From San Antonio Child Support Lawyers

Whether you’re a single mom, newly divorced, or considering the dissolution of your marriage, child support is likely a top concern. If your child’s other parent isn’t meeting their responsibilities, you may need to consult with San Antonio child support lawyers. Hiring a family law attorney to help you navigate this process can be a good idea. It’s also advisable that parents consider these five tips:


  1. Record keeping. It’s a good idea to keep a list of the money you spend on your child. This includes everyday needs like food and transportation and can also include doctor or dentist visits, clothing, school supplies, and more. If you are ever asked to provide proof of where child support is spent, having this list handy can work in your favor.
  2. Do not deny court-ordered access. San Antonio child support lawyers will tell you that even if your ex isn’t making proper support payments, they cannot legally be denied access to the child for that reason. In fact, denying access (even though support has not been paid) can reflect badly on the parent who withholds the child.
  3. Remember that support payments are calculated based largely on the income of the non-custodial parent, as well as how many children are being supported. If circumstances have changed since the original support order, your attorney may be able to help you alter the support amount.
  4. Child support is the right of your child. No matter how you feel about your ex, your previous relationships, or your current life, your children deserve to be supported to the best of both parent’s abilities. If you can’t bear to see your ex long enough to work out child support, San Antonio child support lawyers should be your first call.
  5. Interview and hire the best attorney to represent the interests of you and your child. A consultation is the best way to find the right one for your situation.


Choosing the best candidate from the available pool of San Antonio child support lawyers is the first step toward obtaining the best solution.


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