5 Ways a Child Custody Attorney Can Help You

Not every divorcing parent understands everything that a child custody attorney can do for them. That’s not surprising, since most of us don’t get divorced more than once. If your marriage is ending and you’ve got children to consider, you’ll want to think long and hard about hiring a family law attorney with experience in child custody cases. Not sure what the right child custody attorney can do for you? Let’s take a look:

  1. The Process. Chances are, you’ve never been through the custody process before. Even if you have, every case is different. Having someone on your side with intimate knowledge of the procedures, paperwork, filing deadlines, and even court clerks can be a tremendous help. A family lawyer knows how to streamline the process, making it as simple and stress-free for you as possible.
  2. The Rules. Texas laws regarding custody, visitation, conservatorship, and support are all interpreted with the best interest of the child in mind. An experienced lawyer can help the judge see your side, so you can continue providing your children with the attention and loving care they deserve.
  3. Parenting Plan. Every child custody case will involve a parenting plan, a very specific set of guidelines that each parent will follow with regard to the children. A child custody attorney can help you formulate a parenting plan that meets the judge’s expectations.
  4. Evidence. Sometimes a custody case requires a parent to prove that they’re fit to raise children. Other times, you may feel the need to show that a parent is not fit. In either case, a child custody attorney can help you gather evidence and understand what specific information the courts will be looking for.
  5. Special Circumstances. If there’s an issue that must be addressed within hours — and can’t wait for a court date — your child custody attorney can help. In situations involving abuse, intoxication or addiction, or other questionable behavior you don’t want your children around, your lawyer can help ensure that your children aren’t exposed to harmful people or dangerous environments.

In short, hiring a child custody attorney gives you an edge. It’s the most likely route to getting the result you want for you and your children, and may offer you peace of mind as well. Contact family lawyer Jennifer Espronceda at 210-504-1514.


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