5 Ways Child Support Lawyers for Fathers Can Help

If you’re the father in a custody or child support case, you may feel that the deck is stacked against you. Texas law says that all decisions regarding conservatorship and support payments are to be made with the best interests of the child in mind. But what if the courts don’t have a full understanding of the situation? What if your ex has made inaccurate claims about you or your relationship with your kids? What if you aren’t sure that you’re the father of the children in question? These are all situations where child support lawyers for fathers can help. Whether you’re trying to establish paternity, amend a child support order, or just see your kids on a regular basis, child support lawyers for fathers can be valued allies. How?

  1. Texas law states that a parent cannot be barred from seeing their children because of late or missing support payments. If your ex is withholding visitation from you, they are in violation of the law. An attorney can help.
  2. Child support orders may be modified if you lose your job, are in an accident, or have other big changes in your financial status. Child support lawyers for fathers have the knowledge and experience to help the courts see your side and adjust payments appropriately.
  3. If you are unsure of the paternity of a child you’re supporting, your attorney can take you through the steps you need to confirm or deny that you are the child’s biological father.
  4. Should the child’s managing conservator act in a way you don’t feel is in your child’s best interests, your lawyer may be able to take this to the court. By helping the judge understand your position, your lawyer may be able to modify or amend the existing conservatorship arrangement.
  5. If your ex is seeking larger support payments, child support lawyers will have the skill and know-how to help you fight this. The family law attorney you hire can offer you peace of mind, in addition to helping you find a favorable result.

A child support lawyer for fathers can provide you with just the edge you need to get fair treatment.


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