6 Signs You Need a San Antonio Family Lawyer

How do you know whether hiring a San Antonio family lawyer is in your best interests? It’s a tricky question, since every situation is different. A family law attorney can help with many different scenarios, including those without any acrimony. They can help you navigate the intricacies of Texas law in any circumstance related to marriage, divorce, and child custody, among other areas. Here are six signs that hiring a San Antonio family lawyer might be beneficial to you:

  1. You’re getting married. Prenuptial agreements are a good thing for any couple, regardless of the amount of money or possessions they have going into the marriage. No one wants to plan for a divorce, but having a clear financial plan in place can be reassuring for both parties.
  2. You are choosing not to get married. If you are in a civil union, domestic partnership, or common law marriage, a family law attorney can help ensure that both parties understand how the household’s finances would be handled and/or divided in case of separation.
  3. For the kids. Blended families, with a couple and their children from this and all previous relationships, are more common than ever, and a family law attorney is exactly the right person to help out with custody, visitation, adoption, or child support payments.
  4. Separation and divorce. A San Antonio family lawyer will best be able to help you navigate Texas law as it pertains to separation of property and assets, as well as establishing grounds for divorce, managing paperwork, and ensuring that spousal support payments are fair and equitable.
  5. Child custody. One of the most difficult and trying aspects of a separation, child custody issues are always best handled by an experienced family law attorney. This includes cases of parental kidnapping or a partner unfit for parenthood.
  6. Postnuptial agreements. When circumstances change during a marriage, it’s a good idea to iron out the specifics of how that can impact a family’s future.

If you are in any of these situations, a San Antonio family lawyer can ensure that there are no financial surprises later on. This can offer peace of mind to all concerned.


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