How to Begin the San Antonio TX Child Support Process

If you’re getting divorced in San Antonio, TX, child support might also be on your mind, whether you’re seeking custody or not. In many cases, child conservatorship (custody) and support is decided as part of a larger divorce settlement. However, this is not always true. If the custody agreement you made with your spouse was informal, you might decide later that you need something more legally binding.

To begin the process in San Antonio, TX, child support petitions can be filed with the appropriate district clerk. Or a petition for child support may be filed on your behalf if you apply for state or federal financial or food assistance like WIC or SNAP.

You may want to estimate how much support you’re likely to receive. Typically, a non-custodial spouse will pay 20 percent of their gross income each month. That includes income from a job, self-employment, and any other regular earnings. An additional 5 percent will be paid for each additional child, up to five. If the children have special needs, this can result in higher support payments.

If there’s a question of paternity, there are legal ways to establish that. Speaking to an experienced family law attorney can help you understand the options. Paternity tests are usually voluntary but can be compelled in certain circumstances, or may be part of the overall San Antonio, TX, child support process. If someone else is presumed to be the father of the child, that person must sign a denial of paternity before new paternity testing can be compelled.

There are specific forms to file, some of which must be filed in the county where the child lives and others where the spouse lives. This might already sound confusing, and that’s okay. If you’re filing in San Antonio, TX, child support is something you should consider speaking to a lawyer about. To speak to family lawyer Jennifer Espronceda or for more information, use this contact form.

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