How Can a Father Get Full Custody of His Child?

How can a father get full custody of his child? If you’re a divorcing dad, this may be the question that weighs most heavily on your mind. Conventional wisdom tells us that mothers tend to get full custody of minor children more often than dads. But the truth is that every case is different. It’s also true that in 51 percent of divorce cases in the U.S. that involve parents, the couple decides that the mother should have custody — completely independent from the courts. That means there’s no need to go into your case with the presumption that fathers almost always lose. They don’t.

So, how can a father get full custody of his child? First, he should be able to demonstrate that he’s been an integral part of the child’s life. Some studies show that even when both parents work, mothers carry a larger burden of household- and childcare-related tasks. When you assert that you contribute to your child’s daily needs, be sure you can back that up with examples:

  • Do you know your child’s school schedule?
  • Are you aware of allergies and/or medications taken? Can you name their primary care doctor? Their dentist? Their school gym coach?
  • How many of your children’s meals are prepared or arranged by you? How often do you supervise homework, do household chores, or attend sporting or extracurricular events? Being able to demonstrate your involvement in your children’s lives can help a judge see the importance of your role as a caregiver.

How can a father get full custody of his child? By hiring a child custody attorney who will fight for your right to remain active in your child’s life. An experienced family lawyer with demonstrated success in child custody cases is your strongest ally in your fight to retain custody. To arrange a consultation, contact Espronceda Law at 210-504-1514 or by using this contact form.

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