Child Custody Laws: What Are Your Rights as a Parent?

For many parents, child custody is by far the most emotionally difficult aspect of a divorce. The idea of being separated from your child for any length of time is nearly intolerable. Child custody laws can be complex, and every situation is different. That’s why it’s so important to hire a family law attorney with experience in cases like yours. A family lawyer can help you navigate Texas child custody laws, as well as ensure that the courts keep your child’s best interests in mind. The right attorney will answer all of your questions, help you navigate the process of deciding conservatorship, and make sure support payments are calculated fairly.

You have the right to have your case presented to the court in a fair and honest way and to bring up all relevant factors regarding your ability to properly manage your child’s affairs. Child custody laws rely on a number of factors to determine whether joint conservatorship is in your child’s best interest. You have the right to assert your fitness as a parent in a child custody hearing, and an experienced family lawyer can help you prepare for this. If you feel that your former spouse is an inappropriate conservator, you will have the right to present evidence of that to the court, which will take evidence presented by both parties into consideration in order to ensure that the child lives in a healthy environment.

If circumstances change – such as a job loss, adoption, remarriage, change of residence, or other relevant factors – conservatorship or support amounts can be revisited. This is another instance when an attorney well-versed in child custody laws can be beneficial. You have the right to revisit conservatorship or the amount of support payments whenever relevant factors change. Ultimately, child custody laws exist to protect your child and to help parents make decisions that have the child’s best interests at heart. Your attorney is your ally in this, so hiring the right one is of vital importance.


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