Child Support Lawyers for Fathers: Moms Aren’t Always the Right Choice

Divorce is always a difficult process for those going through it. But when there are minor children involved, making decisions regarding custody and support payments can be excruciating for everyone involved. Some might say that, concerning matters of custody and financial support of minor children, mothers have the upper hand. Often times, a presumption is made that the mother will be more active in the children’s lives, is better able to care for minor children, and is more in need of support payments than a father would be. But the truth is that every family is different, as is every child. Divorcing men can and should consider contacting child support lawyers for fathers to help insure equitable treatment.

Texas courts may order one or both parents to provide financial support to their children until they graduate high school or turn 18. This can vary depending on the needs of the children, any disabilities they may have, or other situational specifics. Typically, the spouse paying child support will be the noncustodial parent—but not always. If you feel the court has not made a decision that was in the best interest of your children, consulting a child support lawyer who works specifically with fathers can help. Keep in mind that courts follow many guidelines when it comes to child custody and support, but these guidelines are not laws that must be followed to the letter.

The right child support lawyer can explain your side to the court to ensure that decisions are made based on the specific facts of your situation. If the custodial parent is unfit in some way, or if you suspect your former spouse is not spending support payments on the children, that’s something child support lawyers for fathers can assist you with. Whether you are the custodial parent or not, ensuring that your children have adequate financial support for education, medical and dental care, clothing, and nutrition are of vital importance. A family law attorney experienced in working with fathers can be of tremendous help.


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