Child Support Recovery: Where Can I Find Advice?

It’s easy to think that after your divorce is final and the court papers have all been signed, the fight is over. Your kids have been promised the financial support they need, which is a load off your mind. But soon you realize that the monthly support payments aren’t arriving. You contact your spouse, but to no avail. You may be feeling downright furious. Now what? If you’re looking for the child support recovery that your kids deserve, taking the right steps is crucial.

Under Texas law, you know that your children’s visitation with their other parent can’t be halted even when they’re refusing to live up to their responsibilities, and you’d never deny your children their other parent in a punitive way. But how else might you get your ex to pay up? There are various legal services that promise to find your ex and make them pay. Utilizing one of these services typically involves handing over all the information you have on your former spouse. These services can be expensive and don’t guarantee that they’ll find your ex or that they can make them pay back the overdue funds.

Child support recovery may even include police involvement. Remember, refusing to pay court ordered support is a crime. After some thought, you may decide that involving the police is not a good option for your family.

Once you’ve decided to hire someone to help with child support recovery, you must then choose who it will be. If you already have a lawyer, ask them first. They may help or they may provide a referral. If you don’t have a lawyer, this may be a good time to interview some. Family law attorneys who specialize in custody issues or child support recovery are a good bet. Interview perspective attorneys carefully until you find someone you feel comfortable with.

Consulting with your lawyer should be your next step, especially if you aren’t sure who else to turn to. Once you hire an attorney to handle your child support recovery, they are legally obligated to look out for the interests of you and your children. Having someone on your side who knows how to get your child support can help you feel a whole lot better, even before the money arrives. Contact Jennifer@EsproncedaLaw to find a lawyer who will fight for you.


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