Collaborative Family Law Can Help Keep the Peace

When couples get divorced in movies and on TV, there’s a lot of yelling, throwing things, and excessive punitive demands. But does it really have to be that way? The state of Texas doesn’t think so, which is why they encourage the practice of collaborative family law. A collaborative law divorce is an excellent, and potentially money-saving, option for couples who want to separate amicably and just need a little help navigating the process. It’s also a good choice for divorcing spouses with children, those who run or ran a business together, or those who simply want to remain friends after the marriage is dissolved.


For most couples, a collaborative family law divorce will save both money and time. One lawyer can even represent both parties as long as the situation remains amicable. However, if negotiations sour, it’s advisable for both parties to hire separate counsel. Having separate attorneys does not preclude the possibility of a collaborative family law divorce. All parties can still consult with a mediator with or without their attorneys in order to develop workable solutions without interference from a judge or having to appear in court. With that in mind, collaborative family law is more private and less formal.


Most importantly, collaborative family law means that the focus is on the family. When there are children affected by a divorce, the collaborative process necessitates that both parties remain respectful and focused on finding solutions. This differs from contentious litigation and the idea of “winning” or “losing” a divorce case. During the divorce process, remaining focused on good outcomes keeps children from being caught in the middle or used as leverage. Collaborative family lawyers may also consider the wants and needs of the children involved. It is easier for everyone to be heard in a collaborative divorce because it is less formally structured. Ultimately, collaborative family law allows for unique and workable solutions to be negotiated in a respectful environment for the benefit of everyone involved. Find a collaborative family lawyer in your area and discuss your options.


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