How to Create a Parenting Plan Post Divorce

One of the most difficult issues faced by parents after a divorce is how to continue raising the children together. Whenever possible, Texas courts prefer that both parents remain active in the child’s life following a divorce. Your attorney will no doubt have experience in many different types of family law cases, which means they can advise you on things that might have you feeling stuck. To begin with, it’s vital that you don’t badmouth your ex in front of your children. It causes avoidable friction and usually leaves everyone feeling angry and sad. Besides, being a terrible spouse may not equate to being a terrible parent.

Parenting plans should cover all the basics, like place of residence, education, religious teachings, doctor or dentist appointments (who will drive, who will pay, etc.), extracurricular activities, holidays and vacations, child support payments, etc. While the plan needs to be all-inclusive, it also needs to be flexible enough to accommodate surprises. As someone versed in various types of family law cases will tell you, it’s the children who often pay the price when divorced parents can’t agree. Divorce is already difficult on kids, so coming up with a strong and equitable parenting plan can help them (and you) tremendously.

An effective parenting plan can be created through cooperation between both parents. Using a mediator for this is helpful for many families. The plan should include input from the child and take into account those events that the child feels strongly about. Missing the big dance or a season ending game because “it’s Dad’s weekend” can create lasting resentment. Working with your ex will not only result in a better parenting plan, it can also provide a valuable example of how to get along with people we’d rather not work with. There are multiple types of family law cases that may arise in during a divorce — or within the development of a parenting plan. Consult an experienced family law attorney to learn more.


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