Divorce Lawyers in San Antonio: What if Your Spouse Had Undisclosed Assets?

As divorce lawyers in San Antonio know, hiding assets before or during a divorce is against the law. Unfortunately, it’s also fairly common—particularly when there is a lot of money involved. Failing to disclose all assets is grounds for throwing out a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, and is seen by the court as a sign of bad faith. If you suspect that your spouse has hidden or may hide assets during your divorce proceedings, you should consider taking action. Even if the divorce has been finalized, Texas law allows for a spouse to recoup that money once it is found.


Assets can be hidden in many ways. Property, for example, can be transferred to another party, such as a friend, relative, or even a business. Items like jewelry, cash, cars, electronics, art, or other investments can be physically hidden or placed in a safe deposit box. Banking patterns can also provide clues to hidden assets. Sometimes a spouse will withdraw small amounts of money over time in hopes that it will go unnoticed. Or he or she may make major expensive purchases, depleting bank accounts, with the intention of selling or returning the items after the settlement proceedings.


A spouse who hides assets can face stiff penalties—but only if this can be proven. Hiring a private investigator is something divorce lawyers in San Antonio may suggest. Or they may dig into the spouse’s accounts and property holdings. Hiding or failing to disclose assets can greatly impact settlements and support payments. With that in mind, it’s vital that the attorney you hire has experience in finding undisclosed assets. An experienced family law attorney like Jennifer Espronceda can help you get the settlement and support you deserve.


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