What Are Your Divorce Rights in Texas?

Are you wondering what your divorce rights in Texas are? Whether you’re just thinking about divorce or the process is already underway, there are a few things you should know. Understanding the basics about divorce can help you receive your fair share of assets, as well as help the courts understand key aspects of your marriage or family life before the divorce.

  • Texas is a community property state. That means any assets you and your spouse have amassed during your marriage belong to both of you. In the event of divorce, these assets should be divided equally.
  • You may be entitled to a larger settlement if the grounds for your divorce show fault on the part of your spouse. This may include a spouse abandoning you (and/or your children) for over a year. If there’s adultery or abuse that can be proven or your spouse has been convicted of a felony, that can impact a divorce settlement as well.
  • You may be wondering if not hiring a divorce attorney can impact your divorce rights in Texas. The answer may be complicated. Your rights don’t change when you hire (or fail to hire) a lawyer. But a lawyer is the best ally to have to help ensure that your rights are being respected.
  • While you do have the right to a collaborative divorce with a mediator, this is not always a good option. If you and your ex disagree on any issues regarding support payments, child conservatorship, or division of assets, you’ll be far better off hiring your own attorney.

Maybe you’re not sure what your divorce rights in Texas even entail. That may be the best reason to schedule a consultation with a family law attorney. Family lawyers have experience in marriage and divorce, custody cases, and even pre- or post-nuptial agreements. Divorce is an enormous decision that can impact you and your children for years to come. That’s why making an informed choice is so crucial.

For further information about how divorce rights in Texas relate to your case, contact Jennifer Espronceda of Espronceda Law at 210-504-1514 or use the available contact form.

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