Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer Because My Spouse Hired One?

Every divorce is different. You may know a couple whose decision to divorce was punctuated by connivance, backstabbing, and even cruelty. You may also know couples who decided to split as easily and amicably as sharing a sandwich. Perhaps you feel that your own divorce should be drama free and over with as quickly as possible. Maybe you really want to avoid what your friends went through, and just want to be agreeable so there’s no hurt feelings. Whatever your feelings are about your divorce, it’s always a good idea to first consult with divorce lawyers in San Antonio — even if you eventually decide not to hire one.

Despite what TV has shown, competitive lawyers are not a necessary part of a divorce. Many couples divorce through a cooperative process called “collaborative divorce.” These happen when couples agree on big issues like custody, property and asset division, and who, if anyone, is at fault. In collaborative divorces, both spouses may use the same attorney. Divorce lawyers in San Antonio know, though, that if the collaborative divorce becomes contentious, that attorney cannot then represent either spouse individually.

Whether you’re in the midst of a collaborative divorce and are still discussing it or if your spouse has hired their own attorney, it’s a good idea to speak to one of your own. Remember, many divorce lawyers in San Antonio offer free consultations that can help you decide how you want to proceed. If nothing else, a consultation will help you make informed choices as you move forward. Unfortunately, divorce can inspire secrecy in people who are not normally prone to it. Many divorce lawyers in San Antonio will suggest that if you feel like your soon-to-be ex is withholding income information or any other pertinent details, you should call an attorney. Experienced family law attorney Jennifer Espronceda can be reached for consultation at 210-504-1514 or

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