Espronceda Law: Your San Antonio Family Lawyer

There are a few good reasons that you may wish to seek out a San Antonio family lawyer.  If you’re getting married or remarried, a prenuptial agreement can allow concerned parties to proceed with confidence.  For many people, peace of mind is the best reason to hire a San Antonio family lawyer.  If unforeseen issues lead to divorce, having an assertive attorney on your side can make all the difference.  When a marriage dissolves, an entire family can be split in two.  There are hurt feelings, financial concerns, and living situations to sort out; family members may have to change residences.  If there are children, custody and financial support may also be issues that require negotiation.


Paternity can also be a difficult and complicated issue to navigate, whether you are the mother, the father, or someone being sought for child support of a child that is not theirs.  You’ll want a San Antonio family lawyer who can manage the legal aspects and the science needed to illuminate the truth.  Your attorney should have experience on every side of paternity cases in order to provide effective representation that is sensitive to the needs of the child.  If enforcement of visitation or support is a concern, a San Antonio family lawyer will have the skills needed to help you through the process and compel enforcement of the judge’s orders.  They should also be able to guide you through modification of support if circumstances change.


There are a few specific things you’ll want to look for when choosing a San Antonio family lawyer.  First, find someone with proven experience in the area you need.  Lawyers should be forthcoming about the kinds of cases they’ve worked, as well as their success rates.  It’s important that they have professional offices and courteous staff.  They should be upfront about their fees and be willing to work within your budget.  Most importantly, you should feel comfortable speaking with them.  Once you have a San Antonio family lawyer you feel good about, every step of the process will be easier.


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