Are All Family Law Attorneys Created Equal?

Whether you’re getting married, considering divorce, or just putting all your ducks in a row, family law attorneys can help. But how do you know which attorney is the best? After all, there are thousands of family law attorneys in your state to choose from. First, keep in mind that what makes the “best” attorney isn’t the same for everyone. Especially in matters of the family, the lawyer you hire needs to be the right one for your unique set of circumstances. To find a lawyer with experience in family law, begin by asking friends for referrals, contacting the state bar website, or comparing attorneys in your area by looking at their social media or individual web presence. A website that looks clear and professional is a good start.

Speak to any family law attorneys you’re thinking about hiring in person if you can. An initial consultation should be free of charge. Explain what kind of services you’re looking for, and bring a list of questions with you. The attorney you hire should answer all of your questions clearly, without talking down to you. If they seem annoyed, short, or unwelcoming, it’s probably best for you to look elsewhere. Although it’s true that family law attorneys can be fired at any point, it’s better to hire one you like from the beginning. The right lawyer for you and your family is the one you feel comfortable talking with, the one who can work within your budget, and the one who has had experience with cases like yours.

If you believe your attorney has behaved unethically—scary, but it does happen—it’s a good idea to report him or her to the police and the state bar. Family law attorneys are required to follow the law just like everyone else. Not allowing you access to your legal documents, failing to pay you awarded settlements, or failing to hold on to money in trust are all crimes that should be reported. While not all family law attorneys are created equal, keeping these tips in mind should make it easier to find the right one to handle your case.


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