How to Find the Best San Antonio Divorce Firm

If you’ve decided, or are thinking of embarking on a divorce, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind.  Divorce can be stressful, expensive, and confusing.  Navigating a divorce when there are children involved can be downright traumatic.  The best thing you can do for your case, and your own peace of mind, is to hire the very best lawyer you can, but how do you know?  Would you feel better having a female or male defend your case? Do you need your lawyer based in San Antonio? Here are a few important steps to find the best San Antonio divorce firm for your situation.


If you have any trusted friends or relatives, ask them for a recommendation.  Even if they did not like their own lawyer, they might recommend that of their spouse.  If you know a lawyer you like and trust—but cannot hire, they may be able to offer a recommendation of another San Antonio divorce firm.  The best divorce attorney for you can depend on the specifics of your case.  Is the divorce contested or agreed?  Will custody, child or spousal support be an issue?  Once you know the basics of your case and are ready to move forward, consult with attorneys in your area.  Insist on someone with experience in family law, who speaks in language you can understand—not confusing legal jargon.


If you anticipate intense litigation or arbitration, the lawyer you hire to represent you must be someone you feel comfortable discussing personal details with.  With this in mind, it’s imperative that you consider their overall demeanor.  This is the time to pay attention to your gut feelings.  Ultimately, the research you do will pay off when you find the right San Antonio divorce firm.  Contentious divorces may require a lawyer who “goes for the jugular,” so to speak.  However, if you’re looking for someone with strong negotiation skills and a knowledge of collaborative law, insist on someone with those traits.  The lawyer you choose will have a profound effect on how smoothly the process will go.  One misstep can set you back months, or thousands of dollars.  Choose wisely!


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