How to Find a Strong San Antonio Divorce Lawyer

Are you looking to hire a San Antonio divorce lawyer? The family law attorney you hire to handle your divorce can have a profound impact on the outcome of your case. Choosing a lawyer can seem confusing and difficult. If you’ve never needed an attorney before, you may not even be sure what to look for in a San Antonio divorce lawyer.

  • Before you can even set up a consultation, you’ll need to find a lawyer or firm accepting new clients.
  • You’ll definitely want to hire a San Antonio divorce lawyer who has been practicing in Texas courts for at least five years. Someone new to your state may not have as full an understanding of Texas laws regarding marriage, divorce, asset division, or conservatorship of minor children.
  • If money is a big issue for you, choose only a lawyer who is up front about fees. If you don’t feel like you’re getting a straight answer on costs, it’s best to look elsewhere.
  • Listening Skills. When you speak to the attorney, are they listening, nodding, or otherwise indicating that they’re engaged in what you’re saying? If they talk over you, interrupt, or seem at all rushed or hurried, this is not a good choice. You’ll be speaking to your divorce attorney about sensitive, difficult, and personal topics. Good listening is key.
  • You’ll want to hire a San Antonio divorce lawyer who sees the situation similarly to how you see it. If they seem accusatory, dismissive, or like they don’t agree with your assessment, it’s probably best to find someone else.
  • If you’re getting a divorce, the idea of trusting someone might really scare you. That’s natural, but you still need to find an attorney. After your consultation, wait at least one full day before deciding. Decisions are often easier to make after you sleep on them for a night.

Jennifer Espronceda is an experienced family law attorney who loves helping families live better lives. To arrange a consultation with this San Antonio divorce lawyer, use Espronceda Law’s contact form or phone 210-504-1514.

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