Finding A Divorce Attorney San Antonio Couples Trust For Collaborative Divorce

Many people think of divorce as a contentious process in which splitting couples grab for assets and do their best to upset the other party, but divorce doesn’t have to be this way. If there are children involved, individuals who are separating should work to make the divorce process civil by hiring a divorce attorney San Antonio couples can rely on to work through things quickly and calmly. One way to do this is through the use of collaborative divorce.


In the state of Texas, collaborative divorce is done when both parties are interested in a clean, non-contentious end to the marriage. If you and your spouse are both committed to ending your marriage in an amicable fashion, this indicates that you are both past your anger and have no desire to be punitive. Collaborative divorce requires that both parties be upfront about assets and all facts relating to the dissolution of the marriage. Each party has independent legal advice.


A divorce conducted under collaborative law tends to take much less time and emotional energy than adversarial divorces, and can save you money as well. In collaborative law, both parties negotiate based on their interests, rather than engaging in a power struggle, and generally agree on major issues, such as child conservatorship, spousal support, and division of assets. If you are a Texas resident looking for an experienced collaborative divorce attorney, contact Espronceda Law today. We are committed to helping you understand the process, and we can get you started with a divorce attorney San Antonio couples trust to get them through their divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible.


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