Five Questions to Ask Custody Lawyers San Antonio

Divorce can be particularly stressful and difficult when there are children involved. Matters of custody, conservatorship, visitation, and support payments can all be sources of disagreement and aggravation. If you expect contentious custody issues to impact your divorce and are interviewing attorneys, it’s important to know what to ask custody lawyers. San Antonio family attorneys can be your greatest ally — if you ask the right questions:

  1. Do you have experience in cases like mine? This is an important question to ask prospective custody lawyers. San Antonio family law practice requires specific knowledge of Texas divorce law, as well as demonstrated experience working within the court system.
  2. What can I expect to pay? While it’s impossible to foresee all the expenses that might arise, prospective attorneys should be able to explain their hourly rates and whether additional expenses — child psychologists, forensic accountants, etc. — might be needed.
  3. What kind of response time should I expect? Sometimes a busy attorney isn’t able to get back to clients within one business day. If that’s the case, you’ll want to know that up front. What about the emergencies that can arise in custody cases? Knowing what to expect may go a long way toward influencing your decision.
  4. If I hire you, will I be able to continue to negotiate with my spouse? This can be a difficult issue for clients and custody lawyers. San Antonio families may continue to discuss and settle issues in some cases. In others, it’s best to speak only with attorneys present.
  5. Based on what you know so far, how do you think Texas courts will respond? A lawyer can’t predict the future, but an experienced attorney will have a strong idea of how a particular judge might respond to some cases.

The most important part of choosing an attorney is finding someone whom you trust, with whom you can speak freely, and who will help the courts see your side. When you begin researching custody lawyers, San Antonio family law attorney Jennifer Espronceda should be your first call. To arrange a consultation, contact Espronceda Law at 210-504-1514 or by using this contact form.

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