How a San Antonio Family Law Attorney Can Help Refute Paternity

If you’re thinking about hiring a San Antonio family law attorney to help you refute paternity, you’re on the right track. A lawyer with experience in family law will have a solid understanding of the legalities of paternity. They can help you navigate the paternity process, ensuring that you’re not held responsible for supporting a child you had no part in creating. Paternity laws can be tricky, and it’s never a good idea to go it alone, even when you’re in the right. A San Antonio family law attorney can help you refute paternity and make sure no one has a legally binding claim over you or your income.

There are three ways to establish paternity under Texas law. A man who is married to the mother before or at the time the child is born is usually presumed to be the biological and legal father. Paternity can also be asserted or acknowledged by another party in some circumstances, but that must be accompanied by a signed statement from the mother. Finally, a court order may be issued to declare paternity, sometimes with the findings of mandated or voluntary genetic testing. As a San Antonio family law attorney can tell you, refuting paternity follows a similar structure and process.

Establishing paternity is important for several reasons, including the child’s emotional and financial well-being. Acknowledging paternity may also necessitate the release of medical records so a child can know their complete medical history. If you’re confident that you’re not the father of the child in question or you’re just not sure, the San Antonio family law attorney you hire can help you wade through the necessary paperwork and advise you as to whether or not genetic testing is needed to prove you are not the father. A child’s paternity is a huge part of who they are, so accurate information is essential to them and to you. Don’t just hope for the best — hire an attorney who can help.


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