How a San Antonio Family Lawyer Can Help You Win Full Custody

If you’re a divorcing parent, custody issues may weigh heavily on your mind. The state of Texas aims to keep both parents involved in their children’s lives after a divorce. But sometimes, this just isn’t feasible. If you don’t believe that your ex is capable of even part-time custody, or you feel that they shouldn’t have a say in making decisions that impact your children, you’ll have to prove that to the courts. Hiring an experienced San Antonio family lawyer is an important first step in obtaining the results you want. An attorney experienced in cases like yours should be well equipped to help you pursue full custody.

As your San Antonio family lawyer will explain, Texas divides custody issues into two categories: “conservatorship” and “possession and access.” Child conservatorship refers to the parental legal right to make decisions impacting their child. With sole conservatorship, a parent can decide where the child will live, what school and church they’ll go to, who their doctor is, and more. With joint managing conservatorship, both parents will have a say in these decisions. Possession and access are sometimes also called, “visitation,” and refers to the legal right to spend time with the children.

The correct San Antonio family lawyer can help you explain your side to the courts. They will have a command of court paperwork and procedures that you don’t, which may help keep you sane and relaxed during the custody process. Your attorney can also compile and present evidence that your ex is not suitable to have custody and that residing with you is in your child’s best interest. While no attorney wins 100 percent of cases, hiring the right San Antonio family lawyer can make a profound difference in getting the result you want. Read up on custody lawyers in your area and hire the one best suited to your needs. Good luck!


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