How Can I Find the Best Divorce Lawyers?

Deciding to end your marriage may fill you with emotions ranging from joy to relief to sadness, stress, or worry. That’s all normal. Whether you wanted the divorce or not, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need a lawyer. Even if you and your soon-to-be former spouse seem to agree on all the big issues, it’s a good idea to hire the right attorney to help with your case. This is especially true if your spouse has already begun interviewing the best divorce lawyers in your area. But how do you know?

  • A good way to find the best divorce lawyers in your city is to begin by asking around. If you have friends, relatives, close coworkers, or others who have been through the process, ask if they’d recommend their lawyer. If so, ask why. If not, they may have suggestions on what to avoid.
  • Seek out online testimonials from former clients of any attorney you’re considering. Keep in mind, though, that people are more likely to leave negative reviews than good ones.
  • Look for attorneys who have experience in cases like yours. The best divorce lawyers will have extensive family law experience. If you’re predicting a long litigious process, you won’t want a lawyer who specializes in collaborative divorce. But if you want to keep it civil, don’t hire someone who fans the flames of conflict.
  • Local referral services exist to help you find the best divorce lawyers in your town. You’ll want to consider that some of these offer referrals are in exchange for fees from the attorneys listed. This makes them no different than any other paid advertisement. If you decide to use such a service, be sure to question each prospective attorney thoroughly.
  • Arguably the most important aspect of finding the best divorce lawyers for your case is comfort. You need to feel comfortable discussing intimate details of your case, your life, your marriage, and even your children. That’s the most direct way to find the right lawyer, which is the first vital step toward getting the result you want.

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