How San Antonio Divorce Lawyers Can Be Your Peaceful Mediators

A divorce doesn’t have to be filled with anger or acrimony. Many couples, even those with children, are able to separate amicably. It’s possible for many couples to divide assets, arrange support payments, and make major decisions related to the dissolution of a marriage in a calm and reasoned way. If you and your spouse are divorcing without vitriol, interviewing San Antonio divorce lawyers as potential mediators is a great idea. When couples generally agree on dividing up property and assets, and on where the children should live and how they should be supported, hiring separate attorneys can be a needless and time-consuming expense. However, if there is domestic violence against any party, mediation is not considered a viable option for that family.


San Antonio divorce lawyers can work as mediators for both parties in a divorce. Like any other private legal matter, the content of paperwork, meetings, or court appearances is confidential. In order for mediation to be binding, both parties must agree to it. If divorce or custody negotiations become more divisive, it may be advisable for each person to have their own attorney. Should that happen, the lawyer you hired to mediate will not be able to represent either party. When appropriate divisions are decided, a contract outlining these agreements is drawn up and signed by both parties before it is approved by a judge.


A mediator will be present at all meetings between the parties, remaining neutral and facilitating calm, reasoned discussion. Texas courts recommend mediation wherever appropriate, since it is more expedient and less expensive. San Antonio divorce lawyers working as mediators are obligated to act in the best interests of both parties, as well as any children involved. Decisions made during mediation are also more likely to hold up over time. If both parties feel they’ve made good choices, it sets a precedent of fairness that can be followed for years to come. Finding San Antonio divorce lawyers with mediation experience should be your first step to the amicable divorce you want.


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