How Texas Child Support Laws Work

If you are considering, or in the middle of, a divorce, you may be concerned about Texas child support laws. The best way to wade through complex legal issues like custody, child support, or visitation, is with the assistance of San Antonio child support lawyers. Since divorce and child support/custody issues are so potentially emotional, even volatile, a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney is a tremendous asset.


When calculating the monthly support requirement for non-custodial parents, Texas child support laws are based on salaries, workers compensation, commissions, unemployment benefits, all wages including overtime, and any dividends received. San Antonio child support lawyers should also bring up the ages and specific needs of the children, as well as the ability of the custodial parent to contribute financially. Other factors can include expenses for childcare, schooling (including, in some cases, post-secondary education), transportation expenses, and whether or not a child has financial resources of their own.


Due to the fact that custody and child support laws vary from state to state, it’s vital that the attorney of record be a San Antonio child support lawyer who has extensive experience with Texas child support laws. This is the best way to ensure that they will be knowledgeable about current requirements and regulations regarding the issues that affect you and your children. As a bonus, a local attorney will often have a working relationship with other attorneys, clerks, and judges. When the financial future of your children hangs in the balance, this can make a profound difference in the outcome.


Texas child support laws give the judge latitude to place other requirements on non-custodial parents who are making payments to support children after a divorce. These may include adding a child to a parent’s existing health care coverage, or when possible, acquiring new medical, optical, or dental coverage for children. When neither parent has access to health care coverage, Texas child support laws may require that they contribute to a managed care or public plan. While Texas child support laws do not require a guarantee of payment via life insurance, some San Antonio child support lawyers have had success in securing this on behalf of their clients.


As time passes, circumstances may change for one or both parents, or for the children. If you feel that child support payments should be modified, your attorney can help you understand how the grounds for modification will affect your situation. A modification of support can be requested after any financial changes that would affect monthly support by 20% or $100. Failing that, issues like custody and child support may be revisited after three years. A change or loss of job, a marriage, adoption, layoff, or other factors can all come into play. Changes in child support must go through the court – as a simple verbal agreement is not legally binding. Your lawyer can help you navigate these issues so that fair compensation can be outlined and effectively enforced.


Texas child support laws have specific guidelines in place in the event that someone does not comply with required child support payments. Because this can be a frustrating and emotional circumstance, it’s usually best to let your attorney handle these issues in court. Confronting the other party directly is often counter-productive and can exacerbate an already heated situation. The law also allows for wage garnishment in the event of non-payment.


In Texas, every child support order can contain an IWO, or income withholding order. This means that the amount of the required payments are withheld from paychecks. These funds are then held by the child support enforcement agency until distributed to the custodial parent. Alternatively, parents may opt for direct payments. Your attorney can help you decide which route is best in your particular situation. Ultimately, Texas child support laws are designed to ensure that the best interest of the child is first and foremost. San Antonio child support lawyers can vary greatly, but finding the right one is the best way to make sure that all of your children’s needs are met.

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