How to Modify Child Support After Major Life Changes

At the time your divorce was settled, the courts no doubt approved a fair and reasonable child support amount. But circumstances change. As children grow, their needs can grow. Parents might move or change jobs. Children may be adopted by step-parents, or custody arrangements might evolve or adapt to the evolving needs of your children. It’s important to know that when circumstances change, child support amounts often change as well. How to modify child support in your situation will depend on a number of specifics. That’s why your divorce lawyer or an experienced family law attorney should be your first call when you think it’s time to update child support.

It’s important to keep in mind that a change in circumstances may apply to the child or it may apply to the custodial or non-custodial parent. If the parent responsible for making child support payments is fired or laid off, has more children, joins the military, or is disabled or seriously injured, payment amounts may change. If the child’s place of residence changes or they go to live with the other parent, child support payment amounts should be updated to reflect that. How to modify child support in these situations will vary.

You may feel that you have a good relationship with your ex and that an oral agreement regarding a change in support is enough. But what if you disagree in the future, and there’s no formal agreement in place? Your attorney will know how to modify child support in a way that is legally binding. Any changes in a child support order must be submitted in writing and approved by the courts. If you aren’t sure of the process for how to modify child support, your best option is to arrange a consultation with someone who does. Having an experienced family lawyer on your side can make the process go more quickly and easily, and help you get a fair result.


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