Need a Divorce Lawyer for Mediation? Look No Further

Looking for a divorce lawyer for mediation? That’s a good instinct. Mediation is an increasingly popular choice for couples looking to dissolve their marriage with as little time and acrimony as possible. If that sounds like you, you’ll want to interview several potential attorneys to find the right one for you. But what makes for a good divorce lawyer for mediation?

  1. The attorney you hire for your divorce should be experienced not just in mediation but also in more combative divorce proceedings. No matter how well you know your spouse, divorce can bring out the worst in people. Even if you anticipate smooth sailing, you’ll want to be ready in case things don’t go as planned. Jennifer Espronceda is experienced in divorce litigation, as well as mediation.
  2. The main job of a divorce lawyer for mediation is to help you and your spouse negotiate a settlement that you both feel okay with. It’s not to determine who is at fault, who is “right,” or who deserves more or less of your estate. An attorney who does not seem impartial is not the right for you.
  3. Divorce is already stressful and difficult for all parties. Solid, effective mediation is meant to help the process go more smoothly. The attorney you choose should be easy to talk to, free of judgment of either party. They should be a good listener, which sounds easier than it is. Jennifer Espronceda is an effective communicator and a reliable divorce lawyer whose clients trust her to help them reach a fair agreement.

Once you’ve decided on mediation for your divorce, your next call should be to San Antonio family law attorney Jennifer Espronceda. Her experience in this area, combined with a passion for helping families, makes her the ideal divorce lawyer for mediation. For more information or to arrange a consultation, use this contact form.

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