San Antonio Child Custody Attorney: Working Out a Visitation Schedule

When parents divorce, one of the most difficult aspects involved is child custody and visitation. In the parlance of Texas law, these are referred to as “possession” and “access.” If you’re considering or in the midst of a divorce in Texas, it’s a good idea to hire a San Antonio child custody attorney to help you get the outcome you want. While Texas courts make their decisions regarding possession and access with the best interests of the child in mind, you and your San Antonio child custody attorney may still have an uphill battle. Every divorce is different. Excepting extreme cases, however, you will always have an opportunity to explain your side to the courts. Your lawyer can help you navigate this process.

The visitation schedule may be a source of contention between you and your former spouse. You may be worried that you won’t see your child as often or for as long as you’d like. A standard child custody agreement in Texas dictates that the non-custodial parent can see the child every Thursday, plus the first, third, and (if applicable) fifth weekends of the month. Holidays are alternated. Your situation may mean that these days are a great option for you —or you may find that you need something else altogether. That’s where your San Antonio child custody attorney can help.

Part of your lawyer’s job is to help you explain your situation to the courts to ensure that you have regular possession and access. In this case, “access” refers to phone calls, instant messaging, or video conferencing with your child. One of your best assets in getting a suitable child custody schedule is your own record keeping. Bringing your work schedule and other proof of availability to court will help. It’s always best if you and your ex can work out visitation and access amicably. But if you can’t, an experienced San Antonio child custody attorney can be a valuable asset.


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