San Antonio Child Custody Lawyer: Custody vs. Conservatorship

Before you hire a San Antonio child custody lawyer, you’ll want to understand the basics of child custody versus conservatorship. While some people use these terms interchangeably, there are a few subtleties you’ll want to keep in mind. The term “custody” is not used in Texas courts. “Conservatorship” is considered a more accurate term, especially since a child’s place of residence is one of many issues that must be managed when raising a child. The San Antonio child custody lawyer you hire can help you understand the different types of conservatorship, as you determine which may be best for the needs of your child or children.

Sole managing conservatorship exists when one parent takes the bulk or responsibility for raising the child and making decisions that pertain to that child. The managing conservator is usually the parent whom the child lives with. The parent acting as managing conservator will make and enforce choices pertaining to education, medical and dental treatment, mental health counseling, religious instruction, and extracurricular activities, among other things. They are also the recipient of child support payments. Regarding teenagers, a managing conservator can also give permission for employment, marriage, or armed forces enlistment. Joint managing conservatorship means these decisions are shared and agreed upon by both parents.

While Texas courts strive to involve both parents in a child’s upbringing whenever possible, a San Antonio child custody lawyer can help if your former spouse is not fit for managing conservatorship. This might be demonstrated by a lack of demonstrated involvement in the child’s life, lack of residence, or issues with addiction or mental illness. Possessory conservators may have limited access to the child, such as visitation that is supervised. A San Antonio child custody lawyer will develop a strong understanding of the particulars of your case and can help a judge see your side. Texas courts focus on the best interests of your child. Your family law attorney is your best ally when conservatorship is being decided.


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