San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers: Fighting for You

Getting arrested is a frustrating, even infuriating experience. Whether you’ve been unjustly accused, or have simply made a mistake, the embarrassment and worry that getting arrested can cause is intense. If you’ve been arrested in or near San Antonio, criminal defense lawyers should be the first things you look into. The best way to help yourself through the ordeal of arrest, follow-up, or even a trial, is to have an experienced and dedicated attorney fighting for your rights. You lawyer can help you understand the legal process, the subtleties of negotiations and pleas, and the intricacies of the court system. While every case is different, the right attorney can make an enormous difference in the outcome, as well as provide some peace of mind.


San Antonio criminal defense lawyers will be well-versed in local laws and will probably have relationships with the major players in local courtrooms. You can expect them to have a working relationship with judges, clerks, prosecutors, and other defense attorneys. Research as many attorneys as you can to be sure that you’re getting someone who is well respected in the field, and in your area. Check out organizations like the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association for recommendations and references. If you can, look at statistics for any attorneys you’re considering. Avoid a lawyer who appears to be reticent to go to trial, or one who seems unprofessional, scattered, or otherwise ineffective. The impression a lawyer gives you is likely the impression they’ll be giving everyone else. While the facts are always vital to any case, impressions also matter.


It’s a good idea to have a list of questions prepared before you meet with any San Antonio criminal defense lawyers. These may include questions about their schooling and qualifications, trial experience, win/loss ratio, or how many cases like yours they have worked on. Beware of roundabout answers that don’t directly address what’s being asked. Watch for signs of double talk. Avoid any attorney who talks down to you, or who seems irritated or in a hurry. Your attorney is there for your legal well-being, but they are also being paid to help you through the ordeal of your arrest and potential prosecution. You deserve someone who acts as a powerful and assertive advocate for you and your rights. You also deserve a lawyer you feel comfortable with and who cares strongly about the outcome of your case. Insist on it.


The job of San Antonio criminal defense lawyers at trial is two-fold. First and foremost, they are there to defend your rights. However, they’re also responsible for making sure that prosecutors have proven their case and that all parties representing the state have stayed within the bounds of the law. Any law enforcement officers, witnesses, or accusers must be carefully questioned and vetted in order for the legal system to work as it should. In San Antonio, criminal defense attorneys should be looking over crime scenes carefully, as well as examining police reports, to find the most effective ways to prove your innocence.


In some instances, negotiating a plea might be the best way to ensure your rights. In other situations, a trial may be the best way forward. You’ll want to determine that any attorney you hire will not hesitate to go to trial if that’s what is called for. This can mean extensive preparation on their part. The lawyer you hire should be upfront about what the monetary compensation for your defense will be. If necessary, discuss payment plans and options as well as approximating how many work hours will be involved. The more information you have going in, the less you will find yourself worrying.


The best thing any Texan can do in the event of an arrest is to choose carefully among San Antonio criminal defense lawyers. Making the right choice goes a long way toward getting a good outcome and helping you through what is probably the most embarrassing and inconvenient thing you’ve ever experienced. Good luck!


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