San Antonio Custody Attorney: 5 Common Questions

Do you need to hire a San Antonio custody attorney? If you’re going through a divorce and your soon-to-be-former spouse is looking to deprive you of your right to see your children, having the right lawyer on your side is the first step toward fighting back. A custody battle can be nerve-wracking, upsetting, and stressful for everyone involved. A custody attorney should endeavor to keep your child out of the spotlight as much as possible, focusing on helping you get the result you want. Finding the right lawyer for this issue can be tricky. Asking the right questions before you hire someone will help you make a good decision.

  1. How much experience do you have in cases like mine? The intricacies of child custody (a.k.a. conservatorship) must be navigated with the greatest of care. An experienced San Antonio custody attorney should have proven experience with these types of cases. At the same time, no two situations are identical, and a good lawyer should know how to adapt quickly.
  2. What factors will the courts take into consideration during a custody case? How a potential attorney answers this question can tell you much about their take on your case, as well as their philosophy as a whole.
  3. What if I don’t want my ex to ever see our child? Texas courts generally want both parents to be active in the child’s life whenever possible. Exceptions to this might include documented abuse or neglect or substance issues. Failure to pay child support, for example, does not negate a parent’s right to visitation or even joint conservatorship. A custody lawyer should know this and advise you accordingly.
  4. How long will this take? Custody cases can vary greatly, depending on multiple factors. Any San Antonio custody attorney you hire should be able to explain how the particulars of your case may affect the time frame of a custody decision.
  5. How much do you charge? Avoid any attorney who is not upfront about fees. A divorce or custody battle is no time to get hit with a large, unplanned expense.

Remember, hiring the right attorney can make all the difference in a custody case.


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