San Antonio Family Lawyer: Should You Consider a Prenup?

If you’re heading to the altar soon, you might be thinking about creating a prenuptial agreement. You might also have some of the same doubts that keep people from getting one. A prenuptial agreement can be seen as a sign of mistrust, or even as planning for divorce before the wedding even takes place. A San Antonio family lawyer can explain that a prenuptial agreement can actually be a good thing for a couple about to tie the knot. With all the romance and fun couples are having, they don’t always take the time to seriously discuss financial matters, or to disclose all their assets and debts to their future spouse. This is something a prenuptial agreement can help with. The agreement may also set parameters for spousal or child support payments for any children the couple have now, or may have in the future.

Prenuptial agreements are about protecting both parties. Assets and debts should all be discussed with a San Antonio family lawyer so that a reasonable agreement can be drawn up. Just before a wedding is when many couples are most open and receptive to compromise. Deciding on a fair division of assets is helpful—not because it can make a divorce smoother by deciding most of the larger issues in advance, but because it’s a great way to facilitate a practical financial discussion, which some couples are reluctant to have.

Of course, nobody wants to think about divorce right before their wedding. But a prenuptial agreement isn’t just about divorce; it’s about making sure everyone enters the marriage with a full understanding of the finances involved. Consider meeting with your San Antonio family lawyer to discuss whether a prenuptial agreement is a good idea for you and your future spouse. Sure, it’s not very romantic—but then, neither is arguing with a caterer, or picking up the marriage license.


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