Seeking Child Support In San Antonio TX? Read This First

Seeking Child Support San Antonio TX? Read This First

If you’re a divorced parent seeking child support, San Antonio TX courts can seem intimidating — especially if you’ve never dealt with them before. Your best ally is your attorney. But how do you find the right one?

  • Family and friends. Those who have been through a divorce might have advice about which attorneys to use or to avoid. This might be helpful to you. But remember that every case is different, and not all lawyers are right for all situations.
  • Research. Lawyers may advertise their specialties online. Consider any aspects unique to your situation. Adoption, blended families, a family business, domestic violence, or special needs can all impact child support. San Antonio TX divorcees suggest that narrowing your search to lawyers who have expertise in these areas will help tremendously.
  • Consultations. Sitting down with a prospective lawyer is a good way to determine their suitability for your case. Bring a list of questions you want to ask. These might include:
    • What experience do you have in cases like mine?
    • How long will this case take?
    • What would be your strategy?
    • How much child support should I expect to receive in my circumstances?
    • When can I expect to receive a payment?
    • How much do you charge?
    • Will my children have to appear in court?

The answers you receive should go a long way toward helping you decide who to hire as you seek child support. San Antonio TX family lawyers are not all the same. Your attorney should be someone you’re comfortable speaking openly and honestly with. They should answer your calls in a timely way and respond to your questions with answers you can understand. Choosing the right one can make a profound difference in helping you get the results you want.

Jennifer Espronceda helps parents and families through difficult legal times like divorce. To contact Espronceda Law or to schedule a consultation, call 210-504-1514 or use this contact form.

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