Small Business Incorporation is a Key First Step

Starting your own business can be empowering as well as personally and financially rewarding.  However, it can also be stressful, exhausting, and maybe a little scary.  If you’re new to the business world, organizing and opening your own small business may be the most daunting task you’ve ever undertaken.  Take heart, though; there are a few easy steps you can take that will help you approach your small business startup with confidence.  First and foremost, you’ll want to look into small business incorporation, including the fees and procedures involved, and precisely how your business will benefit.


Many small businesses run by one or two people incorporate as LLCs (limited liability companies) or LLPs (limited liability partnerships).  This type of incorporation will help protect your personal assets if your business should be sued.  In many cases, small business incorporation will improve your tax situation as well.  If this already seems confusing, consider hiring a lawyer with experience with small business incorporation.  Because small business incorporation laws vary by state, it’s vital that the business lawyer you hire is well versed in the laws and regulations of the state your business is formed in.  The right business lawyer can help you establish your LLC or LLP, negotiate employee and supplier contracts, acquire real estate, or take care of other legal matters involved in a business startup.


As helpful as the right lawyer is during a business startup, they may be even more important as your business begins to flourish and grow.  The local attorney who handles your small business incorporation can also be of help in the event of vendor disputes, client non-payment, employee-related disputes, breach of contract, or any other legal matters that may negatively impact your business.  It can give you tremendous peace of mind to know that you have an innovative and conscientious lawyer on your side when you need one.  Choose wisely.


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