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How to Get Temporary Custody of a Child: The Steps You Need to Take

Do you have concerns about how to get temporary custody of a child? Issues regarding children can be incredibly emotional, and it’s often a good idea to engage a lawyer. Temporary custody for children is used when there’s an immediate need to remove a child or a specific caregiver from the household — usually for […]

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What Can I Do If I Owe Back Child Support?

You love your kids. That’s never been questioned. But what if, despite your best efforts, you aren’t able to make your child support payments when the courts say you should? That’s a terrible position to be in, not to mention embarrassing. Maybe you didn’t have a divorce lawyer and aren’t sure who to go to […]

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How Child Support Attorneys in San Antonio TX Protect Children’s Rights

When you research child support attorneys in San Antonio TX, it’s important to keep in mind why you’re doing it. Child support is the right of your child. It’s meant to be supplemental income that helps with basic expenses like clothing, food, school supplies, medical or dental bills, and all the other things children need […]

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