The Types of Family Law Our Firm Handles

Before you hire an attorney for your family law related needs, it’s important to understand the types of family law that exist. By considering the types of family law you plan on needing, you can better determine which family lawyer is the right one for you. At the same time, plans change and evolve over time. You may find that the prenuptial agreement that worked so well in the beginning may eventually need to be modified. Or you may find yourself headed toward divorce, which can necessitate mediation, custody concerns, and spousal support. When the unexpected happens, that’s when your family law attorney will need to be ready for anything.

Espronceda Law is a full-service family law firm. In addition to an impressive educational background, founder Jennifer Espronceda has a passion for many types of family law. She is well-versed in legal matters from prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, through the division of property and assets, arrangement of support, custody, or paternity. Because her experience is plentiful and varied, Jennifer Espronceda is a strong choice to represent you in the various types of family law cases you may need. Whether your situation is tense and adversarial or you just need a mediator to bring your case to a speedy resolution, Espronceda Law should be your first call.

Nobody wants to plan ahead for a marriage to dissolve. But it’s always a good idea to feel prepared for any eventuality. By selecting a full-service family law attorney, you’ll have an advocate and ally no matter what happens down the road. Whether you need to establish or refute paternity, to fight for custody or visitation rights, to modify a previous court order, or even if you need a protective order, Jennifer Espronceda has experience with cases like yours. Having a passionate and experienced attorney on your side can provide you with peace of mind during even the most difficult of family disputes. Arranging a consultation with Espronceda Law to discuss the types of family law you may need is a great first step.


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