Types of Family Law and What Each Entails

There are many different kinds of legal issues that a family law attorney might handle. These can include legalities surrounding a marriage, divorce, or adoption. Additionally, they can include custody and visitation, child support and alimony, or even issues relating to domestic violence, such as protection orders. Due to the fact that these issues can be contentious, even volatile, it’s vital to have a family lawyer on your side who knows how to navigate the laws that affect your case. So what are the types of family law?


Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements cover property and financial distribution of assets should the marriage dissolve. Agreements like these are designed to reduce conflict if a divorce happens. Divorce is probably the most stressful and emotional types of family law. When there are children, the process can become even more heated. Child support, custody, visitation, and alimony are all important issues that a family law attorney can help you navigate. They can also advise as to whether litigation is the better option or if collaborative agreements are best for your particular situation. Types of family law also include the enforcement of orders – so both parties can ensure that the agreements are being carried out. This includes financial agreements as well as those that impact the health and safety of every member of the family, such as visitation for non-custodial parents and grandparents.


Support modifications are another of the types of family law that greatly impacts families. A family law attorney can help when circumstances change and support payments or visitation need to be reexamined. They can also enforce compliance from the other party if that becomes an issue. Ultimately, an experienced family lawyer can help along every step of the process – from pre-nuptial planning to adoption or from filing for divorce to splitting up assets. Your family law attorney can help you navigate the legalities of your family law issues so that you are free to make informed decisions with confidence.


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