Types of Family Law: Which Do You Need?

Having a family-focused attorney is something every family unit should consider. If you’re about to get married or divorced, or are adopting or having a child, you might be thinking about the types of law that might impact you, which is a good instinct. Preventative documents like pre- or post-nuptial agreements can offer everyone peace of mind if anything unforeseen should happen. While some may say that lawyers aren’t necessary during happy times, savvy planners know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So how do you know which types of family law are relevant to your situation? An experienced attorney can help you decide.

Laws relating to the formation of a family may seem straightforward, but there are many intricacies that must be navigated, especially if one of you has been married before or already has children from a previous relationship. A family-focused lawyer can draw up a prenuptial agreement that takes everyone’s best interests into consideration. If you’re already married, a postnuptial agreement can clarify expectations about financial or custody-related issues, so there is no confusion or acrimony should the marriage dissolve later on.

An attorney experienced in cases like yours should be able to navigate the different types of family law necessary to meet your needs. In the event of a divorce, spousal support, child conservatorship (custody), and division of property are best handled by a seasoned divorce attorney. While no one wants to plan for the worst, a family lawyer can also help when things go wrong. Domestic violence, non-compliance with court orders, or failure to provide agreed-upon financial support can all be addressed by a family law attorney. Knowing the different types of family law and how they might impact you is always a good idea. Hiring the right attorney to advocate for you is even better.


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