Child Support

Determining child support amounts can be one of the most divisive aspects of a divorce. Both parents want what is best for the children, but financial realities can sometimes override our best efforts. As an experienced family law attorney, Jennifer Espronceda has proven experience in helping establish and modify child support payments so that they accurately reflect the best interests of the child.

Texas law regarding divorce and conservatorship includes a standard calculator for determining child support payments. But every case is different, and there can be many factors that influence the calculation of support payments. Once issued, child support payments can be modified every three years—or more often if material circumstances change. Material circumstances can include (but are not limited to) losing a job, finding new employment, having another child, or one parent getting remarried. Thanks to her years of experience, Jennifer Espronceda is well versed in helping courts understand the specifics of a situation to ensure that the best decisions regarding conservatorship and child support payments are made.

A divorce or change in child custody arrangements can lead to overwhelming emotions and difficulty making decisions. Jennifer Espronceda’s family law experience clearly demonstrates that she is diligent in finding appropriate legal solutions even when clients’ emotions run high.

By hiring Jennifer Espronceda to handle your divorce or child support case, you can be assured that you’ll receive:

– Expert legal representation from an experienced family law attorney

– Individualized service specific to your situation

– Strong communication, so you know what to expect every step of the way

– Up front information about fees and time frames for completion

– An attorney who cares about getting the best outcome for you and your children

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