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San Antonio Divorce AttorneyJennifer Espronceda has a passion for helping the families in her community. As a San Antonio divorce attorney, Jennifer wants to ensure that rights are protected and that the law is applied fairly.

Espronceda Law will get you the legal help and results you need. 

Divorce is an unfortunate reality for about half of all marriages in the U.S. If you’re considering or planning a divorce, Espronceda Law is a valuable ally to help you through the divorce process. Whether you want the divorce or are against it, having a family law attorney in your corner will help.

Divorce can be an emotional process and even more so when children are involved.

You deserve to have a strong advocate on your side, someone who understands the legal process and how it impacts your family. You undoubtedly have concerns about how long the divorce will take, how much it will cost, and what kind of outcome you can expect. Jennifer Espronceda can answer your questions while explaining your options, so you can make informed choices. You’ll be talking to your attorney about your family, sometimes in detail. That’s why the San Antonio family law firm you hire needs to be capable, empathetic, professional — in short: Jennifer Espronceda.

Espronceda Law can help with the divorce process, including:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Contested Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Military Divorce

Divorce Mediation & Litigation

Divorce Mediation

Sometimes, divorcing couples want to terminate their marriage as quickly and easily as possible.

If they are in agreement on big issues like property division, custody, and financial support, mediation might be a great option. Divorcing spouses often save time, stress, and fees by using a mediation process rather than litigation. By working out their issues with the help of an impartial mediator, going to court can be avoided.

Jennifer Espronceda has helped many couples settle their divorce through respectful mediation.

Divorce Litigation

If mediation is not desirable or possible, divorce litigation may be required.

This is where the best divorce attorney in San Antonio can save the day.

If your divorce involves complex property valuation and division, or if you and your spouse disagree on custody, spousal support, or child support, you need an advocate who will fight for you. Divorce can be stressful, but you don’t need to navigate it by yourself. You’re no doubt already concerned about your children, your financial security, your assets, and the future of your family.

The Benefits of Hiring a San Antonio Divorce Attorney

DIY divorces are common, especially for couples who feel like their divorce will be “simple.” If you don’t have children or own any assets, you may be thinking that divorce should be a breeze. Or maybe you were only married for a short time and the divorce is uncontested, so the process should be no big deal. Whatever the reason, perhaps you’re on the fence about hiring a divorce attorney.

And the attorneys at Espronceda Law get it. You want to save money and move on with your life as quickly as possible.

The problem, though, is that DIY divorces rarely save time and money.

In fact, they often end in disaster. Divorcees who hire an attorney can simplify the divorce process, protect their rights, and save a tremendous amount of time in the long-run.

Three reasons to hire a divorce attorney:

  1. Paperwork. Divorce is not a simple process, even for the most amicable of divorces, purely because of the amount of paperwork involved. In Bexar County, the packet for pro se divorce litigants (or people defending themselves) is 40 pages long! And that’s only the beginning. Furthermore, if you’re unfamiliar with family law, much of the content on those pages will be a mystery. You need someone to translate and help you complete, sign, and file everything correctly.
  2. Emotions Run High. Even if both parties are ready for the divorce, it’s still an emotional rollercoaster. Heightened emotions like anger, regret, sadness, and fear may give you tunnel vision and cause you to make rash decisions. A caring divorce attorney can help you keep your emotions in check, remind you of the bigger picture, and guide you toward logical decisions that you might not be able to make on your own.
  3. Legal Options and Communication. If you and your spouse find yourself at odds on a complicated issue, an attorney may be able to suggest options that you didn’t even know existed. In Bexar County, this becomes particularly helpful because our “presiding system” means you could potentially see a different judge every time you go to court. Without legal representation, communication with the courts about contested issues may become a challenge.

What to Bring to Your Divorce Attorney

When you call our office to schedule your consultation, there are items you can collect beforehand to make our first meeting more productive and helpful.

Use this divorce checklist:

  • Individual and business income tax returns: local, state, and federal
  • Prenuptial and separation agreements
  • Proof of current income for both you and your spouse
  • Bank, trust, and retirement account statements
  • Stock portfolios and options
  • Mortgage details
  • Credit card statements and other loan documents
  • Insurance policies: life, health, homeowners, and vehicle
  • Property appraisals
  • Wills, living wills, powers of attorney, and other estate planning documents
  • A list of property owned by each spouse before the marriage
  • A list of property owned jointly
  • A list of personal property inherited or gifted to each individual spouse during the marriage

FAQs About Divorce in San Antonio, TX

Q: How much does divorce cost?

A: Some divorce costs are standard, such as the filing fees at the Bexar County courthouse: $248 for a divorce without children and $299 for a divorce with children. Beyond the basics, though, every divorce is different. For your specific situation, we can prepare a budget after your consultation. We’ll determine the needs and complexity of your divorce, and then establish the most cost-effective solutions possible.

Q: How long does a divorce take?

A: The divorce petition must be filed at least 60 days before the divorce can be granted by the courts. However, other factors often lengthen the time before the divorce is actually final. Six to nine months is common, but our goal is always to streamline the process as much as possible so you can get on with your new life.

Q: How long do I have to live in San Antonio, Texas, before I can file for divorce?

A: Texas law states that you must live in Bexar County for at least 90 days, and at least one of the spouses had to be a resident of the state of Texas for a continuous six-month period.

Q: How do I serve my spouse if I can’t find them?

A: Normally, paperwork is served by the sheriff, a private process server, or a constable. But if you can’t locate your spouse or the divorce is contested and they don’t want to be found, then you will have to serve your spouse via publication. If children are involved, it must be done through the local paper, the Hart Beat. If there are no children involved, then you can publish by posting on the courthouse door.

Q: What forms are required for a divorce in Bexar County?

A: The initiating paperwork is an Original Petition for Divorce, a Request for Service (if applicable), and a Civil Case Information Sheet.

Q: Where do I file for divorce?

A: Residents of Bexar County must file in district court.

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