What Questions Should I Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring One?

Let’s say you’re thinking about divorce. This is no doubt a difficult time for you, and your feelings may change every day — even every hour. The decision to end a marriage may be difficult, painful, stressful, and leave you with many unanswered questions. A good first step is to arrange a consultation with a few divorce lawyers in San Antonio TX, or perhaps a family law firm. But how do you know what to ask?

Knowing what inquiries to make of potential divorce lawyers in San Antonio TX is tricky. Every situation is different, and the attorney you hire will need to know highly detailed and personal information about you, your spouse, marriage, children, living situation, and more. So you’ll need to trust them. Before you ask any questions, consider the following:

  • Does the office look neat and professional? Does it fill you with confidence?
  • Does the attorney you speak to seem rushed or impatient? Or are they relaxed, attentive, and focused on you?
  • When you ask a question, do they provide a snappy answer — or do they explain their answer fully and clearly without using legal jargon you don’t understand?

If you feel comfortable with your answers to the above questions, it makes sense to begin asking a few of your own. You may have specific questions about your unique situation, and that’s great. You may also consider asking the following of the divorce lawyers in San Antonio TX you’re considering:

  • How long will the process take? This is an open-ended question and can depend greatly on your situation.
  • How much will all this cost? If budget is an issue, you need a straight answer even if it’s merely an estimate. If you don’t feel you’re getting one, it’s best to move on to other divorce lawyers in San Antonio TX.
  • What happens now? Your attorney should take time to explain the divorce process to you, so you can make informed choices moving forward.

Feel ready to start interviewing attorneys? Great! Jennifer Espronceda is an experienced family law attorney who is standing by to help. Arrange a consultation by calling 210-504-1514.


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