What to Do When Your Ex Won’t Pay Child Support in San Antonio TX

Having an ex who shirks their parental responsibilities can be frustrating and hurtful. How does one explain to a child that their other parent isn’t making their visitation appointment again? When the parental obligation being ignored is child support in San Antonio TX, at least you know that the laws are on your side. There are strict guidelines that govern child support payments. So if your ex isn’t paying, it may be time to call an experienced family law attorney to help you get the financial support your child (or children) deserves. They’ll tell you to gather all records of payments received and those still owed. From there, you can begin the process.

Child support in San Antonio TX is calculated at 20 percent of the net income of the non-custodial parent. For each additional child, another 5 percent is assessed. Child support payment amounts may be modified if the non-custodial parent begins making more or less money, or if they are injured, disabled, or incarcerated. Financial support of a minor generally continues until the child’s eighteenth birthday but can be shorter or longer depending on specific circumstances. If the child is adopted when a parent remarried, for example, child support payments may stop. A child who is disabled may need parental support for a longer period of time. Courts often decide this, which is why it’s best to have a family law attorney on your side.

Penalties for non-payment of child support in San Antonio TX can include garnishment of wages, tax refunds, or even lottery winnings. Licenses to drive, to have a business, or even to hunt or fish can be revoked. In severe or repeat cases, non-payment can also bring a citation for contempt of court, which can then include fines or jail time. If you need help getting the child support in San Antonio TX that your child deserves, enlisting the services of a family law attorney should be the first step you take in pursuing it.


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