What You Need to Know About Child Support Before You Call a Lawyer

Child support is often a contentious issue even after a divorce. Everyone wants to give their kids the best of everything, but that can be difficult when money is scarce. If you’re having issues paying or receiving the child support your children are owed, there are steps you can take. Begin by looking up lawyers who handle child support. San Antonio TX has many to choose from. Before you reach out, here are a few things you should keep in mind about child support San Antonio TX:

  • If your spouse owes back child support, this cannot impact their right to visitation, access, and conservatorship. Texas courts believe most children are best served by having both parents in their lives, regardless of the parent’s ability or willingness to pay child support.
  • San Antonio TX family law attorneys will tell you that attempts to deny visitation with your former spouse can hurt your case. Following the law is always best, even if you don’t find it fair or just.
  • Changes like a new job, new baby, marriage, adoption, change in disability status, or loss of income could all necessitate a revision of child support. San Antonio TX law states that child support modification may be needed if there’s a drastic change in circumstances. Your lawyer can help you understand how this might impact your situation.
  • Texas courts show that over $10 billion in unpaid child support is reported annually. That’s why firms that locate missing parents to encourage payment is a big business. It’s advisable, though, to go through the court system rather than rely on unregulated private agencies. The financial wellbeing of your children is far too important to trust to a for-profit company.
  • Keep careful records of all missed payments of spousal or child support. San Antonio TX attorneys can use this information to pursue a case against your ex. Failure to pay court-ordered support is a crime, which means it’s best handled by the courts. Once you discuss your case with a family law attorney, these records will become vital evidence.

Jennifer Espronceda is an experienced family law attorney who has the tools needed to compel payment from your child’s parent. Contact her to discuss your case: Jennifer@EsproncedaLaw.com.


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