When Should I Hire a Family Lawyer?

Most people don’t have their own attorney early on in life. Why would they? Most kids and teens don’t have to sign contracts, and they aren’t making lifelong commitments or big business deals. But when one becomes old enough to take on adult responsibilities like marriage and children, it may be time to consider hiring a San Antonio TX family lawyer.

After a couple gets engaged, the next thing to consider is a prenuptial agreement. Some couples find this to be an uncomfortable issue, but it doesn’t have to be. The right San Antonio TX family lawyer can explain to both spouses why a prenuptial agreement works for everyone involved. They can also make the process go quickly, smoothly, and with a minimum of tense discussion.

Having a San Antonio TX family lawyer on hand to discuss legal issues as they arise can be a blessing for young families in particular. Your attorney will get to know your family well through your interactions and will therefore be able to advise you in any legal matters that come your way. If your needs exceed what a San Antonio TX family lawyer can achieve, they can recommend a different lawyer to help you in non-family matters, such as those related to business dealings, property disputes, etc. Having an experienced and passionate family law attorney on your side can make a world of difference to your family, your financial security, and your peace of mind. A San Antonio TX family lawyer is also a great ally to have if you plan to adopt a child together or if one spouse plans to adopt the child of the other.

It’s always sad when a married couple decides to divorce. But this is another time when a San Antonio TX family lawyer can impact your life in a big way. An attorney who knows you and your family well may be able to avoid a long, contentious divorce by helping you reach a fair agreement through mediation. If you’re ready to hire or you’d like to discuss hiring a dedicated San Antonio TX family lawyer, contact Jennifer Espronceda today.


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