When To Call A San Antonio Family Law Attorney

Knowing when you need a lawyer can be difficult, especially when money is concerned, and while you may feel like a lawyer is unnecessary while everyone is getting along without disagreements about how things should go, a San Antonio family law attorney can help you be more organized and ensure that you have all necessary paperwork in order and filed properly. If you live in Texas and are about to get married or divorced, adopt a child, or change your family structure in some other way, call a San Antonio family law attorney for assistance.


A marriage is the legal formation of a family. A husband and wife sign a license or marriage contract, both of which are legal documents, and many people believe that no contract should be signed without a lawyer present. A San Antonio family law attorney can help fiancés understand Texas laws as they apply to property, children, home ownership, and any other legal matter that pertains to the forming of a family. While it is possible to forgo consulting a lawyer before a wedding, hiring one during a divorce is absolutely necessary, and your San Antonio family law attorney is best able to help you when they are present at every stage of your life, from obtaining the wedding license to planning for the children’s college.


In San Antonio, family law attorneys aren’t just for matters of divorce or child custody. They also can help with adoption, acclimation of stepchildren or blended families, and living wills and trusts. Having a legal professional to help you understand local laws and how they apply to your family can give you the peace of mind to move forward with confidence. Should there be any conflict down the road, your San Antonio family law attorney will already know your family, making them better able to help you through difficult times.


If you need a San Antonio family law attorney for any legal matter involving your family, call the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today to discuss your situation.


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