When to Fire Your San Antonio TX Family Lawyer

Hiring a San Antonio TX family lawyer is an important step in pursuing peace of mind in your family’s legal affairs. Once you choose an attorney for your family, you may feel obligated to stand by them. But over time, you may feel unsure about your choice. What do you do if your needs aren’t being adequately addressed, communication is bad, or the services you require cannot be met by the lawyer or firm you’ve hired? The sad truth is, there may come a day when you decide to sever ties with the San Antonio TX family lawyer you’ve chosen.

Before you do any actual firing, take some time to examine your expectations and whether or not they’re reasonable. Your San Antonio TX family lawyer is not a magician – they are required to work within the confines of the law when managing your case. Your attorney’s job is not putting your life together after a divorce or helping you get revenge on your enemies. However, if you feel your attorney has acted unethically or in a manner that conflicts with the best interest of you and your family, they should not remain in your employ.

Your San Antonio TX family lawyer should keep appointments promptly. They should always be courteous and show you a reasonable level of empathy. Any questions or concerns you have should be addressed fully. Your meetings with them should never feel rushed. Emails should be answered within one to two business days and phone calls within two to three. While your attorney will have many clients, you should never be made to feel that your concerns aren’t important. They should display a professional, confident attitude that demonstrates pride in their work. In the end, it may take a few consultations, or even a firing, for you to find the perfect San Antonio TX family lawyer. But once you do, the peace of mind you feel will be well worth it.


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