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A Guide to Texas Family Law

By February 25, 2018 February 9th, 2024 No Comments

When you’re an adult who has never needed a lawyer before, you may not know why a Texas family law attorney is so important. You may not even know what family law is all about. Some people think of it as being all about divorce. But that’s just one aspect of a much larger specialty. Texas family law can involve many different areas of life:

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements.

While one of these is made prior to the wedding/license and one afterward, these are essentially agreements that couples enter into in order to clarify financial terms for each party.


Whether blending two families or bringing in a new person, adoption involves legalities that are best handled by an attorney with experience in this type of family law.


When paternity needs to be proven or disproven, having an attorney to ensure the integrity of the process is a good idea.


Sadly, divorce is a reality for many couples. A Texas family law attorney may serve as a mediator for divorcing couples or may advocate for one side in an adversarial divorce.

Child Custody, Conservatorship, and Visitation.

When divorce happens, decisions involving the children are among the most difficult. Determining who the kids will live with, who will make choices regarding their lives, education, medical care, etc., may come down to having the right lawyer advocating for you. If you’re being denied visitation or don’t think your ex should be alone with your kids, a Texas family lawyer can be your best ally.

Spousal and Child Support.

Financial support after a divorce can be a highly contentious subject. Your lawyer can ensure that what’s being paid is fair and that court orders are being followed.

Protective Orders.

Domestic abuse is a serious issue that demands serious and immediate attention. A Texas family law attorney can help you understand your rights if you or someone in your household is being abused. Your lawyer can help you get a protective order, file a police report, and ensure that your family is safe and legally protected.

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