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Advocating for your family’s rights

Jennifer Espronceda is passionate about helping Texas families with their family law issues. Whether anticipating the joys of marriage or experiencing the pain of domestic conflict, Jennifer creates solutions.

As a family law attorney, she can help with most types of family law including:

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

In all the excitement of planning a wedding, most couples can’t imagine a divorce. Sadly, though, it does happen. While you’re planning your new life together, it’s a good idea to consult with an experienced family law attorney. Jennifer Espronceda knows how to ensure that the needs and concerns of both partners are being met. Should circumstances change later on — such as an adoption, a new business, or any unexpected surprises — your family law attorney can draft a postnuptial agreement that keeps everyone feeling protected.


Whether your situation is best served by litigation or mediation, Jennifer Espronceda is committed to helping you get the result you want. A family law attorney is a vital resource when working out matters of asset division or what will become of the family home. You have rights in the divorce process, and you deserve straight answers about the time frame, cost, and possible outcomes of your case. Jennifer Espronceda will help you through the process so you can move forward with life.

Child Custody

This can be one of the most difficult, even heart-wrenching, aspects of divorce. Jennifer will advocate for your parental rights to ensure that your children are raised in a fit and caring home.

Child Visitation

If you do not have custody of your children after a divorce, a San Antonio family law attorney can be your best ally. You deserve the opportunity to see your children regularly, and Jennifer Espronceda will fight for your right not to miss out on important events, holidays, or regular overnight stays. The State of Texas believes that children flourish when they have a healthy relationship with both parents. Jennifer thinks so, too.

Child Support

Both parents should share in the responsibility of raising children. Time and nurturing is a big part of that. Financial support is another. A San Antonio family law attorney like Jennifer Espronceda will work hard in support of your children’s right to appropriate financial support from both parents. Proper financial support is a key first step to a healthy, happy upbringing.

Spousal Support

Divorce can place a heavy financial burden on one or both spouses. Jennifer Espronceda can help establish fair and equitable spousal support. There’s no reason to live in poverty after a divorce.


Establishing paternity can be an emotional and complicated issue. A family law attorney should be the first call of a man trying to establish or refute paternity, or a woman trying to establish the paternity of an unwilling father. Jennifer understands the vital role that science plays here and how the results impact custody, visitation, and child support.

Enforcement Orders

What happens when the divorce is finalized and all the papers signed, but your ex isn’t holding up their end of the agreement? Jennifer can help compel the enforcement of court orders relating to child or spousal support, visitation, and more.

Child Support Modification

Circumstances can change rapidly after a divorce. One or more family members might change residence, lose a job, or get a new one. Sudden changes, accidents, or injuries should be discussed with your family law attorney to determine if a modification is in order. When needs change or the ability to pay is altered, the courts can make revisions to original agreements. Similarly, if one parent comes into money, Jennifer can help ensure that a portion goes to the children.

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders

Being hurt or assaulted by someone you love can be frightening, upsetting, and even shocking. The fact that you lived with or loved this person doesn’t change the fact that you have the right to feel safe. Jennifer can lead you through the steps needed to acquire legal protections against your abuser. If you’ve been wrongly accused of abuse, Jennifer will work to make sure the courts hear your side, saving you from prosecution or even losing custody of your children.

Family Law FAQs

How much child support will I have to pay?

The answer to this question is dependent on your income, the number of children involved, and the needs of each child. In addition to a monthly payment schedule, you may be responsible for the child’s insurance, educational needs, and more. Our child support page goes into detail on how to calculate child support payments.

Do I have to allow visitation if my spouse doesn’t pay support?

In most cases, a non-paying spouse cannot be denied access to your child. If you think special circumstances exist, your family law question can be best addressed by your lawyer.

What is covered by a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements can cover division of property, spousal support in the event of a divorce, and all manner of topics related to your children. An experienced family law attorney should draw up the agreement and ensure that you and your future spouse fully understand it before signing.

How do I keep a violent ex away from my children?

Domestic violence is a serious issue and one you should not hesitate to hire an attorney to help with. Your attorney can help you demonstrate wrongdoing to a judge, who can then issue an order keeping a violent parent away.

Is there an advantage to filing for divorce before my spouse does?

This is a complex family law question. You should always consult with a divorce lawyer before racing to file. There are many options and factors to consider with divorce.


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